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6 Tips to Organize Any Room in Your Home

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Hi my name is Kasey and there are only two things I love in this world... lists and organizing.

Kidding! I obviously love my 2 fur babies and husband too, but that's a given and not what this blog is about. This blog will combine organizing tips into lists to have you sipping your hot cocoa and reading a good book in your clutter free space.


A little about me: When I was younger I always loved showing my parents the beautiful space I created after I cleaned my room. I was very much the opposite of my older sister, who would typically shove things in her closet and call the job done to get back to playing, as any normal child would. I would present my room like it was being staged to go on the market that day.

My first ever job as an organizer was when I was about 12 years old. It was "Take your child to work" day and my mother took me to work with her. At the time she worked in a large corporation, filing orders and performing other computer tasks. As you can imagine this was pretty boring for me. My mom and her co-workers tried to find things to keep me busy. I soon found myself in front of a large supply closet that was a complete mess. Things were just haphazardly shoved into this storage closet.

They let me get to work and I really got into my flow, soon most of the day went by and all of the items were grouped together and easy to find. They were so pleased with my work they decided to give me some of the company swag for payment. I left there with a stuffed teddy bear and a water bottle, not bad for a days' work.

As I got older and had jobs were I was paid actual cash, I always found myself rearranging bookshelves, or cleaning out cabinets and storage closets. I always thought it would be awesome to do that for a living, but never knew if it would be a legitimate job. Well I decided to follow my dreams and do something I know I was meant to do. I felt it would be a good idea to start a blog to share my knowledge and methods on how I clean, organize, and rearrange my life.


Here are 6 tips to organize any space in your home

1. Find your why

The best thing to start with is motivation. Without this you won't get very far. Figure out why it is that you want the area clean and organized. How will you use the space once you are done? Envision yourself completing the project and enjoying your space.

This could be you relaxing in your organized space

2. Give yourself enough time

Organization takes time. I recommend starting in the morning or when you know you will have enough time to get the whole area done. You don't want to end up rushing yourself or not being able to finish and feeling disappointed or unfulfilled at the end of the day.

Did you ever wake up to your mom's music blaring on a Saturday morning? That's how I knew it was going to be a cleaning day. Although I was not a fan of this as a child, I think she was onto something. Getting organized first thing in the morning means more time to enjoy your space after. I personally find that the daylight keeps me energized along with listening to my favorite songs.

Who are your go to artists or genres when cleaning and getting tidy? Let me know in the comments.

3. Break projects up into smaller parts

Before beginning figure out what spaces in the room need to be taken care of for the organizational process. For example if you have a whole bedroom to organize I would break it into: the floor, bed, nightstands, dressers, that chair that collects all the clothes and the closet would probably get another day all to itself. Breaking the larger project into sections will make it feel more manageable and give you good natural stopping points for breaks or to resume the next day. Write your list down and once you finish each section cross it off of your list for that sense of accomplishment.

Do you have that chair or area in your bedroom that magically gets full of clutter?

4. Allow the process to work

Fair warning- it will get worse before it gets better. There is going to be a part of the process where you look around the room and think to yourself....

This is how it goes, in order to get organized you will make a mess and maybe even a bigger one than what you started with. Don't get discouraged and stop mid-process. You'll need to rearrange what fits into which container and you have to gather all the same items together etc. You can't get tidy if you can't see everything you have. Dump the clutter from one area in one pile and get down to business.

5. Start with larger flat surfaces

I usually will start with the floor. It is the largest flat surface area and for safety and ease you want to be sure the floor is clear before you get to work on the other areas in the room. This means pick up the dirty laundry that never made it to your hamper, put shoes away where they belong etc.

A clean bed makes a great working space

In the bedroom example, the next large surface I would tackle, would be the bed. It helps to clear it off and even properly make the bed. Then you can use it as a place to sort your other items that still need to be organized. It also helps you see progress right away and be motivated to continue.

6. Have a box handy

Box of random things to work on later

I always recommend having an empty smaller box (shoe boxes work great), bucket, or bin handy when organizing. I use this to put smaller, miscellaneous objects that don't belong in that room or have a place where it should be kept. I recommend then looking through the bin at the end of the organization project or even the next day if you hit your organization limit for the day.

Now you can enjoy your clutter free space! Light that candle, get cozy and admire all the hard work you accomplished.

If you get stuck or need an extra hand with your organization project there are people who love doing this called professional home organizers. I am one of them and love what I do, feel free to checkout my website here

What is your organization process? Do you have any additional tips?

Please leave me a comment below!


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