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My Tips on Moving in With Your S.O. That Has a Different Idea of Organization

Moving in with someone more or less organized than you is always a tricky thing to navigate. My biggest advice is to keep things simple. Compare each of your organizing styles, some people like detailed, specific organizing, sometimes called "micro organizing," while others like "macro organizing." An example of this would be one person likes color coordinating or alphabetizing their books, while the other just needs to put them in the bookcase. Always err on the side of simplicity, it is hard to expect someone who does not enjoy organizing to keep complex organizing systems.

"Baskets and bins are essential; don’t forget to label them too. If you or your significant other can just toss something in a basket, it’s more likely to stay organized. It also helps to separate what you can. For example, in the bathroom, you should each have your own bin with your toiletries to keep it accessible and easy to put away. " Keeping things that are specific to each person separate can give you the opportunity to organize them the way you wish. Having a basket to house like items keeps them easy to put away and easy to find. It is a great way to contain the mess and have a more organized home.

Do you need more tips and ideas for managing mess with someone who has a different organizing style? Check out this article we were featured in on Redfin that features my tip and many others from experts in the organizing field:


Professional Organizer

Bracket and Bin Organizing

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